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Open Tracing

Guide: Tracing the Data Processing Streamline by Jaeger

YoMo support distributed tracing by OpenTelemetry (opens in a new tab), with first-class support for Jaeger by default (other supports can be changed by modifying the TracerProvider in the source code). To enable distributed tracing, follow the steps below:

Install Jaeger

Follow the Jaeger Official Guide (opens in a new tab) to install Jaeger.

Enable Distributed Tracing in YoMo

StreamFunction Tracing

YOMO_TRACE_JAEGER_ENDPOINT=http://localhost:14268/api/traces yomo run sfn.wasm

Zipper Tracing

YOMO_TRACE_JAEGER_ENDPOINT=http://localhost:14268/api/traces yomo serve -c config.yaml


Open Jaeger UI in the browser (default is: http://localhost:16686 (opens in a new tab)), select services, click the list items to view the SFN trace, you will see the dashboard like this:

YoMo Open Tracing

YoMo Open Tracing