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Power Synchronized Digital Experiences in Realtime

YoMo is an open source geo-distributed serverless framework for real-time data processing, making it easy to deliver least-latency event-driven applications and geo-distributed services

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Use Cases
YoMo Use Case
IoT Data Monitoring & Analytics

Stream and integrate IoT data across your enterprise . Enable real-time information flow between your connected devices, cloud services, and enterprise applications.

YoMo Use Case
Real-time Apps

Make apps and microservices communicate in real-time. YoMo builds a low-latency infrastructure in geo-distributed architecture for developers.

YoMo Use Case
Metaverse Apps

An easy-to-use framework for data ingestion, orchestration and analysis. Process event data that touches the mesh in a secure, realtime, and reliable manner.


Ensure low-latency performance while transmitting and processing data


Edge-Mesh Native architecture makes your services close to end users


Encrypt every data packet by TLS v1.3 by default to help you stay secure


Allow events to be dynamically routed and received no matter where these applications are deployed


Write only a few lines of code to build applications and microservices


Based on ReactiveX which makes it possible to use functional transformations over streams of events

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