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yomo init <function>

yomo init

Generate a StreamFunction project.


yomo init [flags] project-name


  • -r or --rx: Generate a StreamFunction project in Rx.
  • -n or --name: Set the name of the StreamFunction project.


yomo init accumulator-func
Initializing the Stream Function...
Congratulations! You have initialized the stream function successfully.
cd accumulator-func
exa -Tla 
drwxr-xr-x@   - CC 16 Apr 20:39 .
.rw-r--r--@  31 CC 16 Apr 20:39 ├── .env
.rw-r--r--@ 359 CC 16 Apr 20:39 └── app.go

cat app.go will get:

package main
import (
// Handler will handle the raw bytes of data
func Handler(data []byte) (frame.Tag, []byte) {
	fmt.Printf("sfn received %d bytes\n", len(data))
	output := strings.ToUpper(string(data))
	return frame.Tag(0x34), []byte(output)
// DataTags indicate the tags of data to observe
func DataTags() []frame.Tag {
	return []frame.Tag{0x33}

Now, just execute yomo dev, it works!